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Lessons on the Judgment of God: Part Two

In a previous post, we examined the first lesson we learn from The History of Judgment, a sermon on Genesis chapter five.

In this post, we continue our learning by examining the second lesson we learn: the consistency of God's judgment.

God is a consistent judge, meaning that He has, is, and will continue judging sin. Since God is holy and we are sinful, He must judge sin. If you go back and read Genesis chapter five, you will notice that every single individual named, with the exception of Enoch, died. God promised Adam that if he failed to obey God, he would die (see Genesis 2:17). Adam failed to obey, as did every individual who came from Adam (with the exception of Jesus Christ). Another important passage of Scripture that illustrates the consistency of God's judgment is Ezekiel 18:20. Ezekiel the prophet writes, "The person who sins will die." (NASB) There is no debate, no question, and no objection. Sin brings death. It is as true as the sin is bright, and more so.

In our day and age, society is condoning sin in an ever-increasing way. It reflects the wicked and deceitful hearts full of sin (Jeremiah 17:9; Ephesians 2:1-3). The Church, however, is also guilty of this. A brief scan of major denominations and ecclesiastical organizations will yield an abundance of evidence to this. And the individual Christian is guilty (dare I say, me?) as well. We justify our sins and believe that somehow, in some way, God will not judge our sins. He is holy, and as such will never let sin be unpunished.

The consistency of death is seen, not only throughout Scripture but also in history. God's consistency in judgment is also seen in the toil of our work. In Genesis 3:17-19, God curses the ground, the earth, and man's work, as a result of man's disobedience. Ever since then, man has dreaded Monday. Well, he has dreaded work. In current United States culture, COVID-19 aside, everyone works hard in order to retire. Those daily work schedules and deadlines all remind us of the consistencies of God's judgments. The dread of the end of the weekend is a reminder of the consistency of God's judgment.

Perhaps you have forgotten the truth that God is a God of judgment. Perhaps you need to reread Genesis chapter five and be reminded of this lesson. Perhaps you need to be reminded of the truth that Jesus, the perfect Son of God, took His children's place in judgment. This transfer of judgment can be yours through repentance from sin and faith in Jesus Christ. As you are reminded of the consistency of God's judgment, be reminded of the consistency of God's grace (see John 3:16).

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