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A New Year and Spiritual Growth

Well, 2024 is here, whether we are ready or not!

One of the great aspects of a new year is the many resolutions we set. Using the spiritual growth booklet I created, I challenged our church to be more intentional with their spiritual growth this year. It presented four areas on which to concentrate.

These four areas of focus can be abbreviated with the letters WCBC.


As Christians, the centrality of the Word of God is axiomatic. However, many Christians do not spend time, serious time, in the Word regularly. There are a variety of ways to read through the Scriptures. Find one that works for you, and be consistent!


The second area is communication or prayer. I challenged our church to be more consistent in our prayer lives, whether we are lifting our requests up to the Lord or focusing on prayer for others. We just finished our new directories, and I left room for prayer requests. If each person prayed for six families a day, six days a week, we would pray over the entire church every week. What a blessing that would be!


The third area for spiritual growth is the Body, the church. I encouraged our church to be more faithful in attending, but more than that I encouraged them to be more active. If they are going to sing praises to God, do so wholeheartedly. When they serve the body with the gifts given to them by God, do so freely and lovingly.


My fourth challenge is the Commission, that is, the Great Commission. Our church has a long and wonderful history of supporting mission work. We want to continue that legacy, but we also want to learn how to be evangelists in our "Jerusalem." This is our focus for 2024 as a church. We want to learn how to evangelize and work to keep each other accountable for the Great Commission.

Will you commit to grow this year? Use WCBC to help provide a little structure, prayerfully dependent on the Holy Spirit and covenanting together with the church.


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