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8 Prayers for God's Word

Last night in our Wednesday evening Bible study we discussed Psalm 119:33-40. In that passage, the psalmist offers eight prayers for God's Word. In a desire to know God more and live for His glory more, the psalmist prays for deeper understanding, a greater discernment, and practical application of God's Word.

Here are the eight prayers:

I. Prayer for Practical Understanding- vs. 33

II. Prayer for Discernment in Understanding- vs. 34

III. Prayer for Desire to Understand- vs. 35

IV. Prayer for Direction toward God’s Truth- vs. 36

V. Prayer for Priority in Values- vs. 37

VI. Prayer for a Foundation in God’s Word- vs. 38

VII. Prayer for Sovereign Protection- vs. 39

VIII. Prayer for Revival- vs. 40

I also offered a few ways these can be observed practically. I want to highlight one aspect before offering them. We are desperate for God's help. As Christians, we need to becoming increasingly aware of just how desperate we are for His help. Jesus reminded the disciples, and by extension us, "...without Me, you can do nothing" (John 15:5, NKJV). As individuals we desperately need Him, but the Church is equally desperate for God's help. Use these prayers, then, to reflect our own neediness of God's grace and power.

As promised, here are four ways you can utilize these biblical prayers:

1. Pick one prayer to pray before reading Scripture privately

2. Pray one prayer for someone in the church during the service

3. Request prayer from others in the church focusing on one of the prayers

4. Get 2-3 people and focus on one prayer for the month for the entire church

What other ways can you come up with? How will you use these God-breathed prayers to better know God? I'd love to hear how God is working through your life.

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