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Resources for Scripture Reading

One of my goals for 2020 is to read through the Bible in a year. I have done it before, and though it takes a great deal of discipline, I always enjoy it.

Though many cannot find the time to devote to reading through the Bible in a year, I would encourage you to spend time, each day, in God's Word. God's Word is sufficient for all our needs, and the Christian must treat it like necessary food.

With that in mind, I wanted to pass along a few helpful tools.

Bible Reading Plans

Here are a few links to some Bible reading plans. They vary in type, timeline, and even in daily readings, but I am sure you can find some useful tips.

The English Standard Version of the Bible Online also has some excellent plans. You can check them out here:

Bible Reading Helps

There are a ton of free resources available online. Ligonier, Desiring God, the Gospel Coalition all offer much content and helps for the study of the Scripture. Another option is the church library. There are several reference works available to help you understand the Bible better. Additionally, think about purchasing a good study Bible. The MacArthur and ESV Study Bibles are both excellent and cost efficient choices.

Bible Reading Consistency

Perhaps the best help you can give yourself is to read the Bible consistently. Make it a goal to not allow one day to pass without spending intentional time in God's Word. The more consistent you are at it, the more Christ will be evident in your life, God will be glorified, and the message of the Gospel will be readily available.

May God bless Warrior Creek as we seek to know Him through His Word!

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