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Trunk-or-Treath 2022

We are hosting our annual Trunk-or-Treat and Fall Festival Saturday, 29 October from 5:30–7:30 pm.

We will have hotdogs, a Trunk-or-Treat, a bouncy house, and games! 



It's a first-come-first-serve bonus! Parents and guardians, while your kids are getting candy and releasing all that energy they have, grab a dog and enjoy hanging out and meeting new people!


We will have trunks filled with candy! All your child has to do is walk up, say "Trick or treat!" and their buckets or bags will receive yummy goodies! Parents and guardians, we are leaving it up to you to monitor your child's sugar intake. But isn't this what trick-or-treating is all about?


Bouncy House

What do you do with your kid after they consume an unreasonable amount of candy? You send them to the bouncy house! Of course, there are rules, so just make sure your child listens to the operator.

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