What Warrior Creek is doing...

We are back inside! With that said, we are certainly not back to normal. We encourage everyone attending to wear a mask, to be mindful of their own health (following the CDC guidelines to monitor possible COVID-19 symptoms), and to maintain social distance when in the building. 

If you are concerned about your health, you are still welcome to attend in your vehicle! We broadcast our Sunday and Wednesday services on FM 94.3. Or, if you cannot make it in those ways, you can watch us via Facebook Live.

Here are our documents that we are using for WCBC's reopening:

Reopening Plan for Warrior Creek Baptist Church

If you are not comfortable or in good health, you can always watch us via FaceBook Live or by tuning in to 94.3 (locally). 


Here are two helpful resources that you should check routinely:

On several of the above websites, you can download guides, charts, and other resources to ensure the slow of COVID-19, as well as monitor your own health and wellness.

With this information, we can also, as believers engage in several other activities:

  • Continue to study the Scriptures, as increased knowledge of God will eliminate fears and anxiety

  • Continue to pray for our world, our leaders, our churches, and our pastors

  • Continue to call and maintain contact with our church body and our community via calls, texts, emails, and other social media avenues

  • Continue to give to charities and the church

  • Continue to trust God and take every advantage to share the Gospel with the hurting and anxious world

We will do our best to maintain updates as we receive them. As such, please continue to pray for God to help limit the spread, the economic effects of the virus, and the loss of life.


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